Be healthy and be a Fashionista

Pesticides,genetically modified organisms, non-organic is a great switch and easy ,1 easy step

To be a fashionista you have to be healthy.I am not judging you I am caring for you and if you think I am lying keep reading.You see pesticides are sprays that kill the environment for example: earthworms,bees and butterflies(which also produce honey)so eat organic,non-gmo and pesticide free believe it or not it helps. All you have to do is look, review and read.Easy!I cant tell you a lie so to prove I am not here is a picture of me:

photo 1-3        photo (2)

And I can tell you the true story: once upon  a time there was a women she was pregnant and the doctors said the baby girl and shed be born May 16.When the girl was born her , intestines were outside the stomach instead of inside.That was me.Doctors said Id pass away a few days later.But I didn’t. My mom switched to a organic non-gmo and pesticide free diet.And that is the story.Heart breaking!

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