Everyone knows that if you have something that includes fashion you need a model so this post is going to be filled with tips and step by step how to model.


  • Everything you see is a fashion item make your partner shine. Accessories or items in your room is an obstacle to put on  your partner.
  • Always think before you do, so you know what you want after your pictures are taken.
  • Take more than one picture so if you don’t like one you look at another one.Easy to do.
  • Never tell your partner he or she can’t ware this or that all of it counts as a modeling piece
  • Always make sure your partner wears a tank top and shorts so when you put other things on your partner know one will see whats under.It messes the whole thing up if not.
  • Never say your partner isn’t worthy of this opportunity.It really does not really matter.
  • Always be ready to take a picture.Keep your phone on the camera app or keep a camera close.  

Step by Step

  1. Grab a partner,anyone.
  2. Pick out some material to wear.
  3. Dress your partner up.
  4. Get a camera.
  5. Tell your partner to pose.
  6. And last, click.

Important Add

3 thoughts on “Modeling”

  1. Okay, Ava, these are some sage and wonderfully thoughtful tips. I’ve decided to go for it. I have chosen my model. It will be my dog. He never seems to mind if I dress him up, although he’s a little persnickety about what color I ask him to wear. Thus far we’ve done scarves, glasses, and tank tops. And an itchy winter sweater.
    Sadly, he’s drawn the line at swishy spring dresses. He said they should be form fitting or it’s a no go.
    Do you think I should consider paying him? Would one spoonful of peanut butter per outfit be an equal deal?
    Fingers crossed he’s not to cranky this afternoon. I have a lovely Easter bonnet I think he’d be adorable in.


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