I love doing new things.There are some occasions that were new to me that happened. I will tell you those and show you those BTW/by the way/ some of them are pictures and some are videos the photography is not perfect but its not bad.There is some stuff that I made like the first picture that dress is what I made out of a tank top dress.My voice on camera doesn’t sound like my real voice soo… 

8 thoughts on “EARRINGS.HAIR.CLOTHES.”

  1. I can’t wait to see some of these new things, Ava. I hope you’ll post the videos and pictures soon. I’m in desperate need of fashion advice, as usual. My swankiest clothes are probably my pajamas, but I’m guessing I probably shouldn’t wear those outside of the house. It’s a good thing I work from home and only have my dog to impress. He seems to really like my big fluffy slippers. In fact, I find him sleeping on them when I’m not wearing them! The hound has got style. 😛

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      1. I’m going to guess you might have finished another chapter or two? I hope it’s keeping your interest, Ava. As always, it’s so good to see your words, kiddo. Cheers!


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