I need ideas and I need them quick I have writers block fashionista  blow down. I know I am not a full fashionista but I am trying to reach my goal. Let me guess you guys are thinking why should I help. But come on did you read my post NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF FASHION. but LEARN A THING OR TWO.Ok lets get to the point I need HELP

21 thoughts on “A LITTLE HELP HERE”

  1. Hmmmmm….okay, so you’re having a bit of writer’s block, huh? Okay, how about if you tell us, from your viewpoint, what the current trends are for younger people by age group? This would be very helpful for those of us that have to buy gifts for various nieces and nephews and would like to give clothes but never know what’s “in style for their age group.” Might take a bit of research, but am sure you could come up with a few tips!
    Also, I think you could write a whole post on things you see wrong (or right!) on people. You say you want to be a fashionista, then you probably have a pretty good eye for what looks good/bad on people. Perhaps you could even add a few pictures (do you have a camera?) to show us what you mean on your posts.

    Lastly, how about designs? Do you draw your own creations and make them up or have them made up so that you are your own model? Can we see some of your ideas/creations? Just a few ideas…I’m not very fashion-conscious, but it’s the best I can do straight off the top of my head…….


      1. Wow! What a nice compliment! I daresay no one’s ever called me a genius before! I might have to bring you home with me and just keep you around to keep my ego inflated! 🙂

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      2. Hey, that’s pretty cool actually, I just moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now I live in a place called Erie, Pennsylvania and we get TONS of snow! I mean like feet of snow that stay on the ground here for months and months! It’s very pretty but also very cold! I bet you don’t get that kind of weather where you live!


      3. COOL…..that’s a joke, right? Cool like cold like snow right? Get it? You made a joke and I don’t even think you knew it! 🙂


  2. Writer’s block? But Fashionista style? Does that mean you’re struggling to think of funky fashion features to post? If so, don’t worry. It happens to all of us. And what a lot of writers do is create a backup plan of places to go to, or things to do in order to recharge your MUSE.
    Do you know what a muse is?
    It’s different for everyone, but it’s a little like your source for inspiration. Maybe you need to peek inside somebody else’s closet and see what they’ve got on their hangers. Maybe you take a drive to the local thrift shop and browse through the racks. Maybe you think waaay outside the box and imagine what you can make or wear with only things that most people wouldn’t use as clothing. A skirt made of sheet music taped together. A top made with old CDs dangling off of it like giant sequins. A pair of pants made from heavy duty tin foil.
    Maybe maybe?
    But it’s a really good idea to reach out and ask for advice. That’s the smartest thing you can do as a young and growing professional. Hope this was helpful, kiddo. Cheers!


      1. Uh oh. The book has made a runner? Do you think it missed Virginia and is walking back to my house?
        Don’t worry, Ava. The book is hiding somewhere. Maybe it’s taking a nap under your bed, or in the car under the back seat, or is sitting quietly at school waiting patiently for you to come get it. Eventually it’ll be found.
        I’ve lost lots of books. Almost all of them turn up. Especially when I start hunting for them. And I tend to leave them in the darndest places. Like in the garden. Or in the fridge next to the milk. Once I found one of my books beneath the cat. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave it under the cat.
        And if you get permission from your mom, then of course you can call me. Saturday or Sunday I’ll be home, but not tomorrow (Friday). Ok?
        No more crying, kiddo. At least over the book. 😛


  3. Oops. Monday I’ll be away, but Tuesday or Wednesday or even Thursday will work. Just make sure your mom gives you the okay, ok? Hope you’re smiling, kiddo! 😀 Have a great weekend.


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