Well from my point of view fashion is everything so basically anyone like for example KIDS šŸ‘ÆšŸ‘­.so I mean come on if a kid wants to dress up and take fashion advice let it is a inportant subject on school and guess what teachers don’t care for that subject in school.Fashion is everyone and everything and embrace it.

24 thoughts on “FASHION IS FOR EVERYONE”

  1. Ah, yes, but wait till high school and college when you have alot more control over what you study! And believe it or not, there are actually whole schools that focus just on fashion when you’re through high school and all that. Then you’ll find ways to get fashion in your school day. Right now, though, you need to learn your maths so you can add up all the money you’re going to make and you need to learn your writing so you can write up awesome articles and ads telling everyone how great your future fashion house is when it’s time. And yes, you need time to make the friends that you have at your school…..friends are a big part of a fashionista’s future you know……all those friends have friends and they have friends and all those people become contacts for you to use when you’re ready to build your business and your reputation. So get out there and learn and meet your people and keep your reputation clean so nothing slows you down on your way to the top of the fashion world!


      1. Ah, so that explains why you’re on here at times when I’m wondering why you aren’t in school. Well, okay, thanks for that information!


      2. Hah! You see you can say that because you have small fingers and started out on your phone. Being an adult that only got a phone that can do that kind of stuff last year means I never really got very good at typing on that little keyboard. As you get older, it gets harder to see small letters like there are on a phone and your fingers aren’t as small as they used to be so I keep missing letters when I type texts. Ugh. I really do get jealous when people have such cool emoticons on their posts. But I guess I’m just not destined to be that cool! Maybe you can use some extra emoticons in your posts/comments just for me since I don’t get to.


      3. Well, I guess you haven’t covered time zones yet, huh? In California it is morning, but here where I live it’s almost time for lunch! I’ve been up for hours!


      4. You are three hours behind me. So, I think I’m probably already asleep when you go to bed, but it’s not morning here yet.


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