I think i just thought of a amazing question; am I the only one in the family that actually cares about what I wear? Cause whenever I  go to a relative they wear nothing but a t shirt and jeans uuuhhhhh I mean how do i have fashion blood veined in me but no one else eve thinks about it wow i just thought a very good question.So i mean come on you get it right?I am such a genius.

27 thoughts on “AM I THE ONLY ONE”

  1. Have you covered the term MUTATION in your schooling yet? You could have a fashion gene in you that makes you so much different. Maybe everyone else in your family has really small fashion genes, but yours mutated and it’s huge! Maybe if we look inside your skull, we will see that your brain is wrapped in a Burberry cape and wearing some Jimmy Choo shoes AND rocking some D&G sunglasses. What do you think? Think that’s what your brain looks like?


      1. Ah, yes. Perhaps my mentions were a bit older than you. I guess I’m not very fashionable. Sorry. But am glad to know your brain is properly attired.


      2. I haven’t seen it yet. I was waiting for you to put a link on your site to your new one.


      3. Just post it right here, like a message. Do you know how to highlight a link and copy and paste it?


      4. Here we go Author:Jeff Kinney Characters: Mom,Dad,Rowley,Rodrick,Greg, Details:Greg loses his best friend,he gets a baby phone for his b-day,he finds a lucky 8 ball. Summary Greg can tell that life is harsh and he isn’t getting his friend back any time soon so of course he is kinda upset its Christmas and he is kinda mad but he gets his friend back sooner than ever


      5. Oh, the Wimpy Kid books! One of my favourites. My son loves those books. He’s 15 and still reads them when a new one comes out. Okay, so you posted me the review you wrote, but I would like to see your other blog. Up at the top on that page where you have that review posted, there is an address line that starts HTTPS:// and then has a line of gobbleygook following it. That’s what I want you to highlight and copy and paste here so I can sign up to follow that blog too.

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